Movements Around Freedom Workshop by David Brandstätter

Contributed By:  David Brandstätter

A dance/physical theatre workshop in which German choreographer, David Brandstätter invites participants to exchange, feel and create different manifestations of freedom through and with the body.

In his solo Fre!heit, David negotiates the term Freedom in its meaning and its social and personal implications. The word freedom needs constant clarification:

Freedom has been constantly negotiated, often in a field of tension between personal liberties and social responsibility. How do bodies respond when faced with such questions?  What are your aesthetics of freedom? How do you express freedom? These, and other questions around freedom, constitute the base for the workshop’s exchange.

David Brandstätter is a multidisciplinary artist. Prior to training as a choreographer in 2001, he toured internationally as a juggler and unicyclist and a practitioner of traditional Japanese martial arts. David has participated in the organization of numerous artistic exchanges, notably with LAFT, Tanzf

Dates:  Sun, Oct 2
Time:  2pm
Location:  Lines Dance Center
Location Address:  

26 7th Street

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