BANDALOOP: Up the Walls at the Rotunda – Youth Workshop

Contributed By:  BANDALOOP

Youth will develop safety awareness, creative expression, athleticism, coordination, core strength, confidence and gain collaborative skills. Grounded in BANDALOOP’s culture of safety, young dancers will learn the basics of vertical dance while exploring the outside walls of the beautiful Rotunda Building in Downtown Oakland. This is an open level class and a comprehensive safety training will take place during the first session. All gear will be supplied.

Dates:  Sun, Dec 4 & 11
Time:  10am-1pm
Location:  Rotunda Building
Location Address:  

300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612 @ Kahn’s Alley

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Cost:  $300
DG Member Discount:  10%
Code:  DG22