pateldanceworks: Project Based Technical Director + Assistant

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pateldanceworks seeks a technical director and technical assistant to oversee and support the technical production and coordination of lighting & sound for the premiere of our current project, fault lines.

pateldanceworks (PDW), founded in 2017 by Bhumi B Patel, is a Bay Area-based contemporary movement organization. fault lines is a multidisciplinary collaboration and series of performances, workshops, and experiential sessions with queer Asian performance artists, experimental composers, and a visual and textile artist. The first phase of this project will culminate with the premiere of a full-length site specific performance along the San Andreas fault line at Fort Funston in San Francisco, May 2023. The ideal candidate will possess excellent organizational skills, solid technical theater skills, and the desire to participate in a small and highly collaborative company.

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Dates:  Spring 2023
Location:  Fort Funston, San Francisco
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San Francisco Area

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