PUSH Dance Company: PUSH Forward

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PUSH Forward (formerly PUSH for Campaign) is an innovative small relief fund for African descended* movement & dance artists. Funds up to $500 will be awarded to individual artists/companies who are developing new work in the performing arts during the recovery from the pandemic and racial uprising. For the 2022 fall cycle, artists residing in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo counties are eligible to apply. PUSH Forward is funded in part by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and individual donors.

*We define “African descended” as descendants of the African victims of the Trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea slave trade or those individuals with Black ancestry, heritage, mixed identity or from historically Black countries.

Dates:  Deadline to Apply: Thu, Dec 1
Time:  11:59pm
Contact Information:  

office@pushdance.org, Sean Gonzalez | Program Coordinator

Website:  pushdance.org/p4c