Shawl-Anderson Dance Center: Choreographic Score Workshop

Contributed By:  Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes

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This workshop will serve as an introduction to using poetry scores in the creation of movement.

It will consist of a physical and written improvisatory warm-up using the language aesthetics of erasure poetry technique, a form of found poetry where pre-existing text is blacked out to form new sequences of text. The warm-up will be followed by a composition exercise with poetry scores and an opportunity to share discoveries made within the creative process.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes to dance in! Writing materials will be provided.

Dates:  Sun, Nov 6
Time:  2-3:30pm
Location:  Shawl Anderson Dance Center
Location Address:  

Studio #1, 2704 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705

Contact Information:

Cost:  $18-$22