The Hamlin School: Gymnastics Teacher

Contributed By:  The Hamlin School

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Hamlin is an extraordinary all girls education for K-8th graders in Pacific Heights. We are looking for someone to come teach a gymnastics class to Kinder – 2nd graders one day a week. Pay is $60.00 an hour, and we’ll pay an additional 30 minutes a week for prep time. Although this opportunity is small to begin with, it could lead to greater opportunities in the future at the school.

Please email if you’re interested in this opportunity. We’re hoping to schedule this on Monday, but open to another day if that doesn’t work. We need to fill this position fast, so please email right away.

Dates:  Mondays, Nov 28-Mar 9
Time:  3:30-4:30pm
Location:  The Hamlin School
Location Address:  

2120 Broadway Street, San Francisco

Contact Information: