Duniya Dance and Drum Company: Managing Director

Contributed By:  Duniya Dance and Drum Company

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Duniya Dance and Drum Company is hiring a 15-20-hours/week Managing Director. This position is great for a person who is involved in the Bay Area dance scene, someone who takes initiative, and someone who is dedicated to anti-racism and arts advocacy. Sense of humor and positivity is a plus. Position is mostly remote and can be performed outside of the Bay Area, however being in-person for performances, festivals and events is necessary. Experience and knowledge of the Bay Area dance scene is highly valued. Women and nonbinary BIPOC folks strongly encouraged to apply.

Pay is $27-$30/hour depending on experience.

Full Description and Application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LRyzHymbhiL17DhafgBFb776RBnzFU9lF8BhhNxRB9o/edit

Contact Information:  

managingdirector@duniyadance.com or joti@duniyadance.com