James Graham Dance Theatre: DANCE LOVERS 11

Contributed By:  James Graham Dance Theatre

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DANCE LOVERS is an annual performance event held in San Francisco around Valentine’s Day. Graham invites artists with diverse pairings (friends, lovers, family members) to present duets in their own various styles/genres. The event began in 2011 at what was then called Kunst-Stoff Arts in San Francisco and has been presented at CounterPULSE and the Joe Goode Annex.
Duets by:

Joe Goode & Pangea Colter

Emma Lanier & Paul Lanier (Father/Daughter)

Momo Akrami & Indrek Kornel (Iran-Canada & Estonia)

Shaunna Vella & Andrew Merrill

Carolina Czechowska & Jamielyn Duggan

Hien Huynh & James Graham

Dates:  Thu-Sat, Feb 16-18
Time:  8:00pm
Location:  Joe Goode Annex
Location Address:  

401 Alabama St.

Contact Information:  


Cost:  $45
DG Member Discount:  $25