KH Fresh Festival Part One: Movement Workshops

Contributed By:  KH Fresh Festival

The Kathleen Hermesdorf FRESH Festival is a dynamic annual platform for experimental dance, music, and performance in Yelamu, Ramaytush Ohlone territory, (San Francisco, CA).

The 2023 festival’s theme is A DOOR. A PORTAL. A PLACE.
Special guest teachers: gizeh muñiz vengel, Abby Crain, and Keith Hennessy

We will have a pedagogical chit chat about Kathleen’s dance legacy and then the week will end with a sweet Kathleen birthday party celebration at CounterPulse (SF).

More workshop details at the link.

Dates:  Mon-Fri, Jan 23-27
Time:  Various
Location:  Joe Goode Annex
Location Address:  

401 Alabama St
San Francisco CA 94111

Contact Information:  


Cost:  $125-$385