Kira Kirsch: Cultivating Potential Movement Resources

Contributed By:  Kira Kirsch

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Potential Within – Capacity for Resilience
With tools from the Axis Syllabus, we are learning how to investigate, break down and describe movement with a strong orientation towards searching sustainable movement patterns. We look at safer and creative falling reflexes, sequential movement, defining individual and contextual range of motion and enhancing kinetic literacy to name a few topics. These practices can be applied to dance and many other movement related fields.

In my classes I aim to create scenarios for textured and embodied dancing and a learning environment where your body can self-organize and thrive. Movement material, sensations, coordination and perspectives of anatomy and biomechanics are proposed to explore. The information ideally self-seeds into resilient and adapted movement fitting your body and environments as well as open new curiosities for autonomous study, practice and application.

Dates:  Fri-Sun, Mar 3-5
Time:  10:00am-1:00pm
Location:  Berkeley Finnish Hall
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1970 Chestnut St.
Berkeley CA 94702

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Cost:  $150-$200