Luna Dance Institute: Practitioner Exchange: Investigating Our Patterns

Contributed By:  Luna Dance Institute

As you enter into a new calendar year and find yourself midway through the school year, what do you want to return to and what do you want to let go of? Do you have new habits or old patterns? What rituals do you cultivate in your classroom that let your students know they are part of the dance community? What rituals do you have that remind you that you are part of the dance community? Join dance educators Erin Walter and Michaela Summers as the jump into these questions and more. Bring your questions too!

Dance educators, Practitioner Exchanges are a place for you! We hold these collaborative community roundtable each month around different inquiry topics. Bring your questions, your reflections, your experience to these conversations. All welcome.

Dates:  Thu, Jan 26
Time:  4:30pm-6:00pm
Location:  via Zoom
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Cost:  $15-$40, NOTAFLOF
DG Member Discount:  10%
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