Big Sky Workshop: Choreographic Writing Course

Contributed By:  Big Sky Workshop

We will experiment with text and sound-based poetic forms as tools for the choreographic process. The course will consist of four practice-based workshop sessions and one presentation session. Each will focus on the translation of an internal, literary space to an embodied, performative one. Topics will include: erasure poetry, vocal score, kinetic poetry, automatic poetry, weather poetry, and character embodiment.

Students will complete weekly tasks based on the topics covered in the sessions. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue a project that elaborates on the topics covered throughout the course, including (but not limited to) a combination of each practical workshop component into an interdisciplinary artistic product. Students will receive individual feedback on their project, both during sessions and offline. At the conclusion of the course, we will offer students the chance to display their finished projects in a public gallery on the Big Sky website.

Dates:  Fridays Apr 7-May 5
Time:  12:00pm-1:30pm
Location:  Online - via Zoom
Contact Information:

Cost:  $350