Hope Mohr: Horizon Stanzas

Contributed By:  Hope Mohr

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Choreographer Hope Mohr premieres a powerful new dance theater work Horizon Stanzas, inspired by Alice Notley’s feminist epic poem “The Descent of Alette.” The cast is a dream team of three amazing dancer collaborators: Belinda He, Suztte Sagisi, and Tegan Schwab-Alavi. Lighting design by Del Medoff. Masks by Ella Noe.

“The Descent of Alette” describes the protagonist’s journey through a dreamlike underworld to vanquish an archetypal tyrant. Horizon Stanzas is inspired by Notley’s imagery and intentions, specifically the poem’s attempt to disrupt literary forms historically dominated by men.

This new work creates an immersive, theatrical world; the poem’s intense imagery will manifest in emotionally charged movement tableaux paired with Mohr’s live vocalizations of excerpts from Notley’s evocative text.

Dates:  Thu, Sat-Sun, April 27, 29-30
Time:  7:30pm
Location:  Joe Goode Annex
Location Address:  

401 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact Information:  

Email using the form on this webpage: https://www.hopemohr.org/donate

Cost:  $20-$40
DG Member Discount:  Members are welcome to select the $15 Friends & Family option