Ponderosa Tanzland: PORCH/veranda

Contributed By:  Ponderosa Tanzland

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PORCH (Ponderosa Ongoing Research and Collaborative Happenings) is back this summer.

Join us for a 3 week dance intensive with Abby Crain, Mor Dermer, Márcio Kerber Canabarro, Layton Lachman, Ivanka Tramp, and Octavio Dagnino.

PORCH/veranda is an immersive program, dedicated to body-based art-making. But it is no ordinary training program — it is an intense, artistic, somatic, social, and performative incitement — a catalyst for transforming lives, an engine for offering new perspectives, a site for imagining new possibilities.

PORCH/veranda allows unparalleled creative development in an idyllic countryside setting outside of Berlin at Ponderosa Tanzland. Directed at dancers, improvisers, somatic practitioners, artists, and performers interested in a physical discourse engaging methods of contemporary dance training, somatic investigation, and improvisational forms.

Early bird pricing ends April 1st – we encourage you to sign up soon!

Dates:  Fri-Sun, Jul 7-23
Location:  Ponderosa Tanzland, Germany
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