Impulse San Francisco: dancers for Queer Prom 2023

Contributed By:  Impulse San Francisco

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Impulse San Francisco is hosting a Queer Prom to provide a prom experience that many people within the LGBTQIA community were not able to have, as well as to create an inclusive and celebratory space to kick off Pride.

We are thinking of everything to make this evening as memorable and magical as possible. We will have cheerleaders, a school band, Peaches Christ as the principal/headmaster, a high school musical themed drag performance, spiked (and non-alc) punch bowl, prom king/queen/monarch, limos, corsages, and more (all queer talent/vendors)!

We are looking to hire 5 queer ballet dancers for a dance flash mob. Saul Sugarman, a prominent SF-based queer designer, will design couture looks for the dancers that they will be able to keep afterwards. We will provide them with lots of footage. They would also be welcome to enjoy the event (and bring +1s).

Dates:  Sat, Jun 3
Time:  8:00pm-12:00pm
Location:  The Chapel
Location Address:  

777 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact Information: or DM us on instagram @impulse_sf