Prayukti Arts: Margam Unveiled: A Performance Showcase

Contributed By:  Prayukti Arts

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Margam Unveiled is a program aimed at practitioners of the South Indian asian art form, Bharatanatyam. It is meant to push practitioners and students of Bharatanatyam to creatively engage with the rich traditional repertoire, or the “Margam”.

The theme of this showcase is JATISWARAM. Jatiswarams are considered one of the most exquisite and all-encompassing Nritta or pure dance pieces in the Bharatanatyam Margam. This composition presents a challenge to students and learners as it involves blending three essential elements of Bharatanatyam: Rhythm, Music, and Movement. We extend an open invitation to engage, experiment, and explore the intricacies of Jatiswaram.

Artists include:

Meera Srinivasan
Sibyl Sunita
Shalini Shiva
Anupama Mayooranathan
Swati Hedge
and special guest, Fuchsia Dance

Tickets: $18

Dates:  Sat, Jun 3
Contact Information: