Megan Lowe Dances: Dance Workshop with Clarissa Rivera Dyas and Megan Lowe

Contributed By:  Megan Lowe Dances

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Megan Lowe Dances is excited to share some of the creative process, dance movement, and community building practices we have developed during the creation of “Gathering Pieces of Peace.” You are invited to engage with explorative writings, conversations, and movement that considers complex identities, and that has the potential to develop into spoken text, dance (centered in contact improvisation/partnering and modern/contemporary dance, as well as each participant’s movement lineages), and maybe even song. We want to collaborate with you in generating a supportive environment for creation and connection.

All dancers are welcome to join this workshop, but it is our mission to facilitate spaces with a BIPOC majority. In consideration of this, if you identify as white and would like to attend the workshop, we enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to your BIPOC friends and have them join along!

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Dates:  Sat, Jun 17
Time:  10:30am-2:00pm
Location:  Bancroft Studio
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2401 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720

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