Nicole Haskins: Empowered Dancer Workshop

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The Difference
Nicole Haskins is an experienced professional dancer, choreographer, coach, and program director, and her coaching philosophy goes beyond correcting dancers in a reactionary way, rather she works with dancers to understand their individual learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses so they can strategically improve. By empowering dancers to utilize critical thinking and specific tools, dancers are able to go from being a student with talent and promise, to becoming a dancer that is prepared to have a thriving professional career. These soft skills can be applied to professional and academic work in any field. Due to the program’s individualized approach, capacity is extremely limited to ensure personalized information and attention. The workshop is intended for pre-professional or newly professional dancers.

Dates:  Mon-Fri, Jul 3-7
Time:  9:00am-3:30pm
Location:  BlackBox Studios
Location Address:  

3498 School St., Oakland, CA 94602

Contact Information:

Cost:  $800