Rang De Bollywood Dance Company: Bollywood Lesson and Party

Contributed By:  Rang De Bollywood Dance Company

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Hailing from the dream dance city of Mumbai and Amritsar, which is also home to Bollywood and Holy Vibes, these energetic, charismatic, and fun dance instructors-performers-entertainers, Manpreet (Certified in Indian Folk by India’s Best and also an author) and Amit (percussionist, actor, dancer), have spread Indian dance music and moves across the length and breadth of India, USA, and Europe.

Learn a combination of a 60 minute Bollywood or Bhangra dance lesson that will leave you feeling loved, lighter, and delighted in excitement every week. They will be teaching you an all-levels Bollywood dance lesson to a Bollywood song from India for 60 minutes. Come one come all. We can’t wait to see you all!

Dates:  Fridays, Sep 15-Oct 27
Time:  5:30pm
Location:  Salesforce Park
Location Address:  

425 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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