Liquidanza: Contact Jam

Contributed By:  Juliana Mendonda / Liquidanza

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Liquidanza Contact Jam is an opportunity to dance alone and with others in a fluid, spontaneous and magically aquatic world. From elements of Yoga, Contact Improvisation and water body, participants are guided to explore specific qualities of the movement and the possibilities of interaction with water alone, in pairs or in groups.

The Jam is the time to explore Liquidanza with others in a group setting. The Jam is where the Liquidanzers of different levels of experience gather in a pool of warm water to explore in a spontaneous and ecstatic way the movement in water, with water and as water between them. The Jam is an opportunity to be in contact with water in a fluid and authentic way and to delve into the different possibilities of physical contact with one, two or more people. All jams are done in a warm pool.

Liquidanza is for all levels. All genders are welcome.

Reserve your place, limited space.

Dates:  Sat, Sep 23
Time:  5:30pm-8:00pm
Location:  Three Sisters Sanctuary. Oakland
Cost:  $50 Please Venmo @Juliana-Mendonca-4 or PayPal @JulianaME