Liquidanza: Full Moon Women Circle

Contributed By:  Juliana Mendonca / Liquidanza

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Liquidanza Women Water Circle is a gathering of women created to manifest female intelligence through the connection with water and the expression of dance. This circle is an invitation to create a sacred space that allows us to connect with ourselves internally and accompany and exchange in a community.

Dance and water together have the power to stimulate and awaken the sacred feminine energy, it is a channel that allows us to access the memories connected to the life force, especially the energy of the Mother and the erotic power of water. This circle is an opportunity to trust yourself, to honor your own beauty and feel free to express what is alive and true for you.

All circles are done in a warm pool.

Liquidanza is for all levels. Reserve your place, limited space.

Dates:  Fri, Sep 29
Time:  7:00pm-9:00pm
Location:  Three Sisters Sanctuary. Oakland
Contact Information:  


Cost:  $50. Venmo: @Juliana-Mendonca-4 Zelle: 4156974565 or PayPal: @JulianaME