Sebastian Grubb and Shira Yaziv: Urban Spiral Weekend

Contributed By:  Sebastian Grubb & Shira Yaziv

Urban Spiral Weekend is a workshop intensive led by Sebastian Grubb and Shira Yaziv. We blend multiple physical modalities and training techniques to help participants improve their movement quality, learn new skills, and connect with others. Class topics include: dance, fluid acrobatics, partner strength training, contact improvisation, biomechanics and movement games. Shira and Sebastian emphasize community-building, developing technical skills and having fun! All levels welcome.

Dates:  Fri-Sun, Dec 8-10
Time:  6:00pm
Location:  The Finnish Hall
Location Address:  

1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA 94702

Contact Information:

Cost:  $295-$495
DG Member Discount:  $20 off any tier
Code:  DancersGroup