After School Music Academy: San Jose After School Dance Instructor

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After School Music Academy provides enrichment classes all over California. We aim to help kids and young adults gain confidence through creativity by introducing them to music and other performing arts and by giving them a dedicated time and space to enrich their imaginations.

We are primarily looking for fun and talented Dance instructors that love working with kids to join our team! Cheer and yoga Instructors that have experience in Dance are welcome to apply.

As a Instructor with After School Music Academy, you will be:

-Leading beginner Hip Hop after school classes at elementary, middle and high schools in San Jose.
-Planning classes by assessing the needs of the schools and students you’re assigned.
-Implementing fun and creative activities in order to make learning enjoyable for the students.
-Organizing a performance showcase at the end of a session or semester.

Location:  Alum Rock District, San Jose
Contact Information:  

e-mail or through indeed