New International Performing Arts Institute: Theatre Directing Course

Contributed By:  New International Performing Arts Institute

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Have you ever been captivated by a script’s potential, but felt unsure about the next steps? Theatre is a realm of creative brilliance, precision, and collaboration.

In the world of thespians, miscommunication with actors or clashes with designers can muddle your vision. But what if you had the right tools at your disposal?

We have the answer:
An 18-month, hands-on educational journey with 500 hours of expert guidance.
Learn the art of script analysis, plot development, and harmonious collaboration with actors and theatre peers.
Dive deep into engaging modules, from ensemble building to advanced production techniques.
Put theory into action with real-world projects, honing your leadership and teamwork skills.
Flexible online options, welcoming learners worldwide.

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Dates:  Mon, Apr 1, 2024-Wed, Oct 1, 2025
Location:  Online or Blended (Germany)
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Cost:  14950 euros
DG Member Discount:  11950 euros