San Francisco Ballet School: Virtual Modern Class

Contributed By:  San Francisco Ballet School

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This Virtual Modern class is based on the principles of Lester Horton, a dynamic and dramatic technique that helps the dancers develop strength and flexibility, work on coordination and correct alignment of the body, and works with an energy that is constantly in motion. The Horton technique helps create powerful dancers and could be a great complement to ballet training.

This online class is designed to accommodate to tight spaces (an office or dance space at home). The warm-up is simple and easy to follow. We will study basic vocabulary of the technique and as dancers become more familiar with it, we will have the opportunity to build choreographic phrases that could be executed at home. This class is recommended for students already at the Intermediate level.

(A yoga mat might be recommended to have for a simple floor/stretch section of the class). Sign up on Mindbody.

Dates:  Mon, Jan 8–May 13
Time:  4:30pm–6:00pm
Location:  (VIRTUAL) San Francisco Ballet School
Contact Information:

Cost:  $17/class