FACT/SF: Audition/Rehearsal

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FACT/SF continues to experiment with our new audition model, where we invite interested artists to participate in one of our rehearsals. We will select up to 15 artists to attend a rehearsal on Sat, Mar 8, and pay them $30/hour for a 3-hour rehearsal ($90 total). Then, we will hire 2-3 of those dancers to work with us as Guest Artists for the creation of a new work, Half Time, Full Out. Guest Artists hired for the project will work approximately 75 hours in rehearsals and performances between Mon, Jun 26 and Aug 18. Guest Artists will be hired as contractors and paid $30/hour.

Half Time, Full Out is part of our larger QAF (Queer Athletic Futurity) project. Six performances of Half Time, Full Out will be outdoors in San Francisco near historic LGBTQ+ locations and three performances will be on the ODC Theater stage.

Dancers who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ are strongly encouraged to apply.

Dates:  Deadline to apply, Thu, Feb 29
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