Mannakin Theater and Dance: iMPACt Choreographers Residency

Contributed By:  Mannakin Theater and Dance

Mannakin is creating a two month residency for artists to create new work in the physical and movement arts (including dance, theater, interdisciplinary, music) resulting in a performance at The iMPACt Center. The residency starts on Fri, May 17 and provides six hours of rehearsal space per week over the course of ten weeks. Residency performances will take place the week of Jul 5-7. Application deadline is Fri, Apr 19, applicants will be notified by Fri, Apr 26.

Searching for five (5) artists. Max length of work 6-15 minutes. 60% iMPACt/40% Artist Door split. Opportunities for additional fundraising for artists TBD.

The 5,400 sq.ft. iMPACt Center for Art & Dance in SF is the new headquarters of Mannakin Theater and Dance, housing administrative offices and providing space for local MTD youth outreach and education programming. It will also serve as a new venue for creation, rehearsal and performance for Mannakin and other Bay Area arts organizations.

Dates:  Application period: Mon-Fri, Mar 25-Apr 19
Location:  iMPACt Center for Art & Dance
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1625 BUSH ST STE 4

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