Fresh Meat Festival: You’re My Queero!

Contributed By:  Fresh Meat Festival

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Think of it as training to be our own heroes in times that are meant to destroy us. This offering involves guided improvisation, using somatic scores that nourish our soft parts and cultivate our expansive superpowers. We will use strength and endurance training to sharpen our edges, and phrase work as a practice of collective flocking. There will also be a designated space to rest, recuperate or observe throughout. This space is open to all and can be approached with as much ease or rigor as is right for you. I’m still recovering from top surgery, so I’ll be figuring things out alongside you as we co-create together. I’m excited to have DJ BluMoon (aka B Dukes) weaving the soundscape with us. Afterwards we’ll walk outside, hopefully feeling a little more connected and ready to show up for our tender world in a time of gen0cide. Let’s go!

Dates:  Thu, Jun 13
Time:  7:30pm-9:00pm
Location:  Joe Goode Annex
Location Address:  

401 Alabama St
San Francisco

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Cost:  $0-$25