Liquidanza: Women Water Circle

Contributed By:  Juliana Mendonca / Liquidanza

Join us under the luminous May Full Moon as we celebrate the captivating energy of this special evening. Dedicated to the radiant power of feminine energy, this gathering invites you to delve into the depths of water dance. In the gentle rhythms of our circle, we’ll honor the wisdom of water and the innate qualities of the feminine spirit. Through reflection, movement, and heartfelt connection, we’ll create a space of openness, allowing the divine feminine to flow freely.

This event is more than a celebration; it’s an opportunity to honor our individual gifts and strengths. Together, we’ll tap into intuition and creativity, deepening our understanding of ourselves and our connection to all of creation. Let’s embrace the sacred feminine within us, nurturing our inherent wisdom and energy.

Liquidanza welcomes all levels. Reserve your spot now, space is limited.

Dates:  Fri, May 24
Time:  7:00pm-9:00pm
Location:  Three Sisters Sanctuary. Lower Dimond, Oakland, CA
Location Address:  

770 Kingston Ave, Apt. #205

Contact Information:

Cost:  $50