UC Berkeley Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies: Costume Director (Full Time)

Contributed By:  UC Berkeley Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

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The Costume Director is primarily responsible for managing the costume production process for all TDPS productions inclusive of scope, budget, personnel and timeline management; costume construction and/or pulling, altering and purchasing of costumes; supervising costume fittings, hair and make-up approvals, final costume show maintenance, strike and restocking of all costume elements. The Costume Director also supervises two staff members, a full-time Head Costumer and a part-time Costume Curator/Wardrobe Supervisor, plus 4-6 work-study students. Additionally, the Costume Director is responsible for training and supervising students completing Costume Labs for Theater 168 (Shop Lab Practice) and Theater 169 (Advanced Shop Lab Practice).

The first review date for this job is: Fri, May 31. For full consideration, apply by Sat, Jun 15.

Location:  University of California, Berkeley
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