Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists

Contributed By:  Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists Program

Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists (DFA) supports dance and movement-based artists from across the U.S. and its territories who work at the intersection of social and embodied practices. DFA recognizes the wide variety of ways in which people engage in social transformation through dance, which often do not fit into established models of arts funding. This includes community-building and culture-bearing practices, healing and storytelling practices, activism and representational justice practices, and more.

Now in its third iteration, DFA remains one of only a few programs which support independent U.S. dance artists with an unrestricted financial award. Fellowship awards of $31,000 will be given to at least 25 individual artists, to be used at their own discretion.

Dates:  Initial Application due Thu, Aug 15
Contact Information:  

Haowen Wang, Dance/USA Director of Regranting email or call (202) 460-9215.