RAW (resident artist workshop) Fall Residencies

Contributed By:  SAFEhouse Arts

Beginning this fall, RAW (resident artist program) has been divided into two different programs. We made these changes to give artists more flexibility (both programs require Community Day participation on Sat, Sep 7):

RAW Showcase – sign up to present your work in a showcase. Showcases are usually scheduled within 90 days. Free rehearsal space (for work exchange) is available.


RAW Lead Artist Program – this is a more in-depth opportunity to work with the SAFEhouse Arts staff to curate your own show. Also, with the Lead Artist Program, there are opportunities to learn development, production, and arts administration. This group meets once a month to participate in such things as choreography feedback, production training (designing lights and managing). The Lead Artists work cooperatively with the SAFEhouse Arts staff and each quarter is designed around the needs of the artists.

Dates:  Fall
Location:  SAFEhouse Arts
Location Address:  

145 Eddy St. SF

Contact Information:  


Website:  SAFEhouseArts.org
Cost:  $25 NOTAFLOF