Crescent Moon Theater Productions: Seeking Middle Eastern Folk Dancers

Contributed By:  Crescent Moon Theater Productions

CMTP is seeking dancers with a background in, or the ability to quickly learn, Middle Eastern folk dance forms for the next iteration of a documentary theater production honoring the real-life stories of young adult refugees. This iteration will specifically spotlight stories from the Middle East, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. The dance pieces will be performed between the storytellers sharing their stories, and we would love to include folk dances from the represented countries.

If you are interested, please send information about yourself as well as videos of your work.

Rehearsal: Thursdays from 2-5 pm in Berkeley and one Saturday a month.

Compensation: $1000 + split of ticket sales

Dates:  Show dates: Fri-Sat, Sep 27-29
Location:  Dance Mission Theater
Contact Information: