Presence and Liveness in Online Learning: A Lesson in Choreographing Students from Afar

For the past year, I have been working on a new choreography that premiered this past April 17-26 as a part of the annual Berkeley Dance Project (BDP) directed by […]

Getting it Out There: Smart Mobs, Improv Everywhere and Engaging Dance Audiences

A few weeks ago, a good friend told me I needed to check out a YouTube video she had come across—The Sound of Music at Central Station in Antwerp. Google […]

It’s Hard To Say

This is the story of a dancing banana. Try saying it out loud: “Dancing banana.” On the first syllable of “dancing” and the second syllable of “banana” your mouth turns up into a smile.

Burn Scars

You can still see the burn scars that dot the hills near the campus where I live, which is on the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi tribe and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band

Per Diem Request

Per diems are tracked under the expense category “7600 Program Travel and Lodging.” View and download the Chart of Accounts (updated Jan 2023). Checks are issued after verifying the correct […]

In Practice: Stepping Back to Move Forward with Cherie Hill, Hope Mohr, and Karla Quintero

Dancers’ Group · In Practice: Stepping Back to Move Forward with Hope Mohr, Cherie Hill, and Karla Quintero   If you prefer to read this piece, continue below. Beginning on […]

How Much Should I Pay?

?? Dancers’ Group · What Should I Pay? by Katie Taylor If you prefer to read this piece, continue below.   What does it mean to pay for the things […]

The Diversity of Authorship: In Conversation with Hope Mohr

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR? How many times have you been asked this classic ‘get to know you’ question? Perhaps it was on a first date, at a new job, […]

Welcome, Dec 2011

Looking back, looking forward. Sometimes it’s best to state the obvious: Like when a friend has a piece of spinach caught between his/her teeth. You need to tell them. You […]

The Complexities and Contradictions of Awards Ceremonies

Mikhail Baryshnikov has a slew of honors to include in his biography, and for years listed prominently the “Bessie,” or New York Dance and Performance Award, which he was given […]