Borealis Philanthropy: Disability Inclusion Fund

Supports U.S.-based groups led by people with disabilities, disabled people of color, disabled queer and trans folks, building a more liberatory world free from ableism. They are currently accepting applications for two DIF grant opportunities:

  • Disability Inclusion Fund
  • DIF x Tech Fund

Eligible organizations must be a U.S-based or U.S. territory-based 501(c)3 or be fiscally sponsored. This funding opportunity will provide two-year grants. Successful DIF applicants will receive $75,000 per year totaling $150,000. For DIF x Tech, the grants will range in size from a total of $50,000 (or $25,000/year) – $100,000 (or $50,000/year). Applications are due by 8:59pm.