Rasa Vitalia: Sexy Salsa Classes

Every Tuesday! Todos los martes! Do you love a good time with a super fun inclusive class for all and a hot fiesta all night with good vibes, good people, good drinks, good food, games, outdoor patio, inside giant dance floor, couches, pool, safety, next to BART and OMG… free parking? Keep this vibe going […]

Find Time and Space with Residency Programs

Inspiration pours from your graceful fingertips and toes. If only you had time and space to explore the depths of your imagination freely, validating what you already know to be true: that you are a dancemaker and you must create. ‘Tis no fantasy. There is in fact a way to hone your skills, develop and […]

In Practice: Stephan Koplowitz on Making Site Work

When I was living in Naples, Italy, I produced a dance series called Site-Specific at Rising South, a cavernous bar in the city’s historic center. I was able to call the series Site-Specific without having to parse the concept of site-specificity in part because nobody cared: English words arranged in meaning-less combinations adorn all sorts […]

SPEAK By Isabel Von Rittberg

I grew up in Wuppertal, Germany, home of Pina Bausch. As a girl I took ballet lessons with one of her dancers, also a close friend of my mother’s. Summers were spent in Montana with my grandparents. As soon as I could crawl onto the stool, I began playing the piano and realized early on […]

Studio 210 Winter 2022 Residency Performance

Studio 210/Deborah Slater Dance Theater are thrilled to present the Winter 2022 Residency performance, featuring work by Preethi Ramaprasad and Isabel Umali. This hybrid event will feature performances by both artists, followed by discussions of the projects and the creation process. Livestream & limited in-person tickets In-Person tickets are PRESALE ONLY. No tickets will be […]

When Salsa Swipes Right on Somatics, There is a Match

Photo by David Poertner What if the digital space could be a reprieve, an alternate reality for postcolonial dance research? Perhaps now, working outside of institutional demands, brown perspectives can be rearticulated. What follows is a conversation between two Latinx dancers and educators. They are recent graduates from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing […]

Glimpses of Nijinsky…100 Years Later

Much celebrated this year is the 100th anniversary of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, the Paris-based company that changed the face of dance in the twentieth century, as well as having enormous influence on the worlds of music, fashion, and design. Formed in 1909 by Russian impresario extraordinaire, Serge (Sergei) Diaghilev, the Ballets Russes was responsible […]

Transforming the Culture of Whiteness in Dance & Sexuality Communities

Check out Zahava Griss’ chapter in this anthology, “Transforming the Culture of Whiteness in Dance & Sexuality Communities.” Zahava is the founder of EMBODY more LOVE, providing embodiment, healing, and sexual empowerment for social change leaders through performance, dance, coaching, and bodywork. Contact: Zahava@EmbodyMoreLove.com EmbodyMoreLove.com

Past Perfect

Don’t stop believin’— yes, the now-famous power ballad by Journey originally airing in 1981, speaking to my state of mind then, before cell phones and emails, before AIDS and HIV, before lovers and husband, before believing in bald, before dancing with Ed Mock, Margaret Jenkins and Joe Goode, before meeting Anna Halprin and Lucas Hoving, […]

It Happens In the Studio: Talking Trends and Technique with Five Artists Who Teach

Over my 20+ years of teaching, I’ve seen different trends and styles come and go. I’ve watched modern dancers go in and out of dedicated periods of ballet training. I’ve seen yoga grow from a fad into an essential practice. I’ve seen the positive impact of somatic practices like Feldenkrais, Alexander and Gyrotonic on dancers’ health. I’ve watched ballerinas toss […]