Dispersing the Diaspora: Excerpts from the CounterPULSE Blog

Edited by Maureen Walsh Traversing personal and cultural borders are two topics that the Performing Diaspora artists, staff and audience are talking about. I’ve sifted though the CounterPULSE blog, selecting […]

Grassroots to Cyberspace: Evolution of Dancing Earth

Birthed from a vision from Founding Artistic Director Rulan Tangen to create global Indigenous contemporary performing arts opportunities, Dancing Earth is rooted with one foot in Yelamu – occupied Ohlone territory also known as San Francisco, California and the other foot in Ogaa Po Ogeh – occupied Tewa territory also known as Santa Fe, New Mexico.

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reflections on Collaboration in Bharatanatyam

With roots in temple ritual and salons passed from generation to generation through the hereditary dance and music community of Tamil Nadu, in post-colonial India, the practice began to attract students and performers from various backgrounds around the world as a performing art.

Transpositions: Dance Poems for an Online World

Bridging a performing arts gap created by the pandemic, Yale Schwarzman Center (YSC) has partnered with the Yale Dance Lab and 16 renowned dance artists to launch a 16-episode series, […]

From One to Many: Six Solos Shared (online)

An online performance premiere and artist Q&A featuring six commissioned choreographers: Melecio Estrella, Molly Heller, Molly Rose-Williams, natalya shoaf, Liv Schaffer, Erin Yen. The artists present brand new solos made […]

Bold New Strokes: The Inauguration of the Performing Diaspora Festival

California has a very rich traditional dance and performance community. The Bay Area alone has over 300 ethnic dance groups. Along with this rich diversity comes support for traditional art […]

Traveling and Touring: Part II

In last month’s issue of In Dance I wrote an article that considered the history of touring dance since the establishment of the National Endowment for the Arts in 1965—a […]

Edinburgh or Bust: Getting to the Fringe Festival

There are Fringe Festivals in almost every major city in the US (I’ve counted 16) and in many countries across the world. These theatrical extravaganzas celebrate unbridled creativity, uninhibited performance, […]

In Practice: Stepping Back to Move Forward with Cherie Hill, Hope Mohr, and Karla Quintero

Dancers’ Group · In Practice: Stepping Back to Move Forward with Hope Mohr, Cherie Hill, and Karla Quintero   If you prefer to read this piece, continue below. Beginning on […]

In Practice: Tonya Marie Amos

In a 1993 interview, Toni Morrison said, “The people who practice racism are bereft. […] It feels crazy. It is crazy. […] If you can only be tall because somebody’s […]