New View

With fresh faces popping up constantly, the local Bay Area dance community is a unique blend of seasoned and new perspectives. In Dance caught the new view from the new LINES Ballet executive director, Janette Gitler. What brought you to the Bay Area? I fell in love with the Bay Area when I visited during […]

Hip Hop Dance Classes w/ Micaya

Online Hip Hop Dance Classes with Micaya. Tuesday nights at 6:30 and Saturdays at noon. Micaya will post the links on her facebook and instagram page (MicayaSF) OR you can email her for the link as well. Donations- Venmo: Micayasf

Ms, Fs, and As, Oh My! Life After Graduate School, The Transition Awaiting

ON JUNE 13, 2010 I graduated from The Ohio State University with an M.F.A. in Dance. I moved to San Francisco on June 18. This transition has been an education in itself, opening my eyes to aspects of two worlds—academic and professional dance. During 2006 I was thinking about and applying for graduate school. I […]

Collected Breath

RAWdance presents “Collected Breath”: a Midnight Artist Collaboration with Jim Campbell’s Studio From midnight to 1am, each night for the month of May, RAWdance will be poised 1,070 feet above the city, lighting up Jim Campbell’s Day for Night installation as part of the artist’s studio’s monthly “midnight artist collaboration,” in partnership with Boston Properties, […]

Sailing Away: Joanna Haigood Choreographs San Francisco History

Flooded with Gold Rush lucre and teeming with the adventurers who hunted for it, San Francisco in the 1850s was a rootin’-tootin’, quick-shootin’, prostitutin’ Wild West boomtown. Halloween in the Castro has nothing on the Barbary Coast. As choreographer Joanna Haigood describes it, “The energy was very chaotic, wild, violent, excessive. The city was being […]

Welcome, Sep 2012

It has been a busy summer. It started with me waking up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that became appendicitis and within a few hours, I was in the emergency room being scheduled for surgery. I discovered that you don’t need your appendix, that appendicitis can afflict you at […]

For the Love of Dance; Dance Writers on Criticism, Nov 2007

Dancers’ Group asks seven Bay Area dance critics questions about their jobs and role of dance criticism.

Welcome, Oct 2010

I was recently confronted with the saying, “If you can spot it, you got it,” which I took as this: the faults I so easily point out in others are the ones I have too—for the record, I was complaining about complainers, go figure. This realization spurred a re-evaluation of how I shape my reality, […]

Solo Form: Nora Chipaumire

I WAIT IN GREAT ANTICIPATION for Nora Chipaumire’s homecoming… her San Francisco Bay Area premiere of Miriam at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum February 13-15, 2014. To witness Nora perform is to see pure energy, heart and soul on stage. I look forward to experiencing what Nora has created because she is […]

SPEAK: Shifting the Paradigm

Many of us teaching artists have unwittingly become stuck in dangerous perceptual habits. While this is happening across all levels of education, I want to focus on the issues of college and university dance programs, as this is where my teaching life has developed. Dance educators throughout the country have struggled with ongoing devaluing and defunding […]