to remain empty at all times, an effervescent palimpsest (or love letter) for the heart

Estrellx Supernova Photo by Williams College Photography Club. [ID: Estrellx is laying naked, face down, spiritually surrendering their body along the riverbank of The Green River in Williamstown, MA. The riverbank is covered with leaves. On the right side there is a mirror resting on a tree. There are white candles in the upper left […]

The Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin Prison

EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2013, the Insight Prison Project, a Restorative Justice organization, approached artists and educators Amie Dowling and Freddy Gutierrez about their desire to bring a dance theater workshop into the Prison. After the 16 incarcerated men who participated in the initial 12-week program expressed a wish to continue, a collective of inside and […]

Embracing Fat: Technique, Performance and Movement Innovation

The following article is the first in a three-part series on body image and dance. Look for Part II in June and Part III in the July/August issue of In Dance

Collective Matters on Dance and Other Body Modifications

Dancing Around Race (DAR) explores the socio-cultural dimensions of race within the interconnected fields of choreography, dance presentation, dance training, funding, curatorial practices, and dance criticism in U.S. contemporary and postmodern dance. Since 2018, DAR has been building momentum and relevance across the dance communities in the Bay Area as it grapples with systemic and […]

Dance is in the DNA of the Universe

Every morning just before dawn, from my window at the International Hotel, flights of doves descend upon the corner of Kearny and Jackson streets, and soon the dance begins.

In Practice: Encounters Over 60 with Margaret Jenkins

Merián Soto, Photo by Bill Hebert In October and November 2019, I saw the work of three remarkable New York-based artists: Adia Whitaker, Miguel Gutierrez, and Tere O’Connor. Although O’Connor is arguably the most well-known of the group, or at least the most well-established, at least in contemporary western concert dance circles nationally and internationally, […]

Goode Space

People who are familiar with Joe Goode’s performances won’t be surprised when they hear his latest endeavor is about making theatrical experiences more intimate. What is unusual is his approach and investment: Goode signed the lease on his 3,500 square foot space in March, envisioning it as a place for classes, dialogue, rehearsals and more […]

Jigaysa: Exploration of Joy

A fireside chat with kathak artist Rachna Nivas and tech leader and philanthropist Minoo Gupta, on lifting the human spirit through art featuring excerpts of world-class dance productions by the renowned Leela Dance Collective. The Leela Dance Collective is a powerful community that connects the roots of India’s culture, arts, and spirituality with finding true […]

Ad Infinitum Identities: The work of Pseuda & Kim Ip

Pseuda can be seen from a stage, holding two metal chain ropes attached to the limbs of another body. A doll, a dancer, Kim Ip. It’s Halloween, 2015, at B4bel4b Gallery, and the audience doesn’t yet know that Kim and Pseuda are chained together until they begin to stretch away, the chains syncing a nexus between bodies.

Restoration Through Transformation

Let’s face it. Pretty much everything, as we know it, has changed. So much of what we believed to be true and invested in is collapsing before our very eyes. As we pivot away from extractive systems of capitalism, built on false foundations of white psychosis and patriarchy, a new set of tools is required […]