Dancing Through a Jewish Lens

How does being Jewish shape our lives and our work as dance artists? What do we have to contribute from a Jewish perspective? Just as I was finding my voice as a […]

It Happens In the Studio: Talking Trends and Technique with Five Artists Who Teach

Over my 20+ years of teaching, I’ve seen different trends and styles come and go. I’ve watched modern dancers go in and out of dedicated periods of ballet training. I’ve seen yoga […]

Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

Is being at the right place at the right time a matter of fate, coincidence or luck? Looking back at my life in 1982, the year that Dancers’ Group was […]

A Conversation with Bill T. Jones

IN LATE AUGUST, I had the distinct honor of interviewing Bill T. Jones while he was enjoying a brief respite from his slate of touring, artistic direction and impresario-sized intellectual […]

Grrrl Brigade, 15 Years of Social-Feminist Dance

Grrrl Brigade is a dance leadership program that fosters female empowerment through dance. Based out of Dance Mission Theater, Dance Brigade’s Grrrl Brigade has instructed more than 500 girls over […]

Changes, en L’air: Dekkers debuts his new company, Post:Ballet

In these times, it’s hard to know with any certainty what the future holds for the ballet world. While there still seems to be plenty of room for the status […]

Alicia Alonso Turns 90 U.S. Dancers Honor Her in Havana

THE 22ND International Dance Festival in Havana, Cuba, from October 28-November 7, 2010, celebrated the 90th birthday of Alicia Alonso, considered one of the most outstanding ballet dancers of the […]

Sustaining the Field Through Change: Facilitate Community by Releasing Control

Reluctance to embrace innovation holds the field of dance in stasis. This reluctance (or hesitation) limits outreach, spreading and feeding what many call “fear of change.” My interest lies in […]

Jester in the Router: Multi-site Performance Using The Internet

Imagine artistic and cultural exchange on a worldwide scale. One where live, truly collaborative performing arts events occur on a regular basis at multiple locations simultaneously, not simply connecting a […]

Sean Dorsey Dance: The Lost Art of Dreaming (world premiere)

The Lost Art Of Dreaming invites audiences to reconnect with longing, embrace expansive imagination, connect with joy and pleasure, and propel ourselves toward loving futures. The event features the world […]