Dancing Rivers

I had danced my whole life, but it wasn’t until I met my Guruji, Pandit Chitresh Das, in 1992 that I serendipitously found my calling.  

In Conversation

Community – a word that has gone beyond definition this past year. Especially in the Bay Area. The conversations that have been sparked are those of investigation, those of breaking down barriers, and those of not returning “back to normal.”

to remain empty at all times, an effervescent palimpsest (or love letter) for the heart

Estrellx Supernova Photo by Williams College Photography Club. [ID: Estrellx is laying naked, face down, spiritually surrendering their body along the riverbank of The Green River in Williamstown, MA. The […]

Notes on Rendering Vessels

This writing is an accumulation of reflections on transformation taken from dark/lessons/rupture, an evening of performance excerpts featuring new works by Jess Curtis and Beyond Gravity artists, Silk Worm and RUPTURE (jose e. abad, Gabriele Christian, Stephanie Hewett, Styles Alexander, and Clarissa Dyas), co-presented by Gravity and CounterPulse.

Black Choreographers Festival: Summer Series

AAAPAC & K*Star*Productions in partnership with Dance Mission Theater present Black Choreographers Festival: Here & Now 2021 Summer Series 1, 2, 3… Go! An informal showing of solos, duets, and […]

What’s in a Conversation?

“We had an incredible Practitioner Exchange last night!” I tell my Luna colleagues, “I laughed, I even cried, we danced around, and the conversation just flowed.” I realize as I’m saying this, that I’m not fully describing the depth of the discussion, and that in fact, it sounds a bit trite.

The Trinity of Souls and Mother Pine

The 14th Episode of House/Full of BlackWomen: New Chitlin Circuitry: Reparations Vaudeville The Trinity of Souls and Mother Pine Installation and Song/Poem/Prayer Circle. An installation for public meditation for breathing new […]

In Conversation

Because [academia is] so stuck on the Black body as a political construct that holds all of this negativity and trauma that this neoliberalism, they talk about it in this way like, “You can never escape this identity.” You know, and part of it is because the way that you study in school, you repeat it and you live inside these same discourses and it’s like you’re trapped in the discourse! And you don’t get to live past it. And that’s why it’s so important for dancers to write about dance.

Catching up with Dana Lawton Dances and The Farallonites

One Saturday afternoon last February, I sat upstairs in Shawl-Anderson Dance Center’s large studio space watching Dana Lawton Dances (DLD) prepare their upcoming new work, The Farallonites.

Preserving, Building and Connecting: Addressing Social Justice Issues through Culturally Specific Dance

Culturally specific dance is a lifeline for diverse cultural communities throughout the United States to stay connected to our cultural roots. This article explores the role of culturally specific dancers to address important social justice issues of our time and the capacity building support needed to maximize their impact on the communities they serve as well as the dance sector at-large.