Book Review: Like A Bomb Going Off

Some performances you never forget. One took place in January 1995 when the Kirov-trained Nikita Dolgushin brought a small group of dancers from St. Petersburg, Russia to the Palace of Fine Arts in a program of classic and contemporary choreography. It was an event both dispiriting and puzzling. Though beautifully trained, many of these dancers […]


PLEASE TOUCH ME, IN IMAGINABLE AND UNIMAGINABLE WAYS. This is my wish when entering a new situation, publicly and privately, and it’s also a good mantra. Provocative? Of course, but that’s what makes life interesting, and what artists are charged to do: reframe the situation with risk, spicing it up with surprises, then, potentially, adding […]

Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

Space to Make Mistakes 1994–I once locked a homeless man into the Dancers’ Group/Footwork 22nd Street space overnight. Well, it wasn’t just me. It was all three of us POTRZEBIE girls: myself, Lydia Bueschel and Katie Friedman. Somehow, in our last walk-through of the space, at 10pm? 11pm? midnight?, none of us found the guy, […]

Presidio Theatre Relaunch

Photo by Terry Lerant Renovation is a tough, arduous process. Making major changes always is. Setting goals, crafting plans and then finally breaking ground, with the ultimate purpose of building something new. Consider for a moment a structure under renovation. When you walk into such a space, what are your first thoughts and observations? Is […]

It’s Hard To Say

This is the story of a dancing banana. Try saying it out loud: “Dancing banana.” On the first syllable of “dancing” and the second syllable of “banana” your mouth turns up into a smile.

Reflections: What a Difference a Dance Conference Can Make

Flying from Oakland to Chicago to attend the 16th annual conference of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), November 5, 2014, I recalled my maiden voyage to NDEO in 2001. Back then I was the only person from northern California in attendance—and one of only three from the entire state. I felt excited about what was […]

From Dress-up to Drag

Monique Jenkinson, aka Fauxnique, exudes the demeanor of both a fabulous diva and a humble girl-next-door–at once imagining performance as spectacle and sparkle beyond the norm, while methodically crafting personal, intimate artistic studies, displaying the pretty things she holds dear. As one of the 2012 Irvine Fellows at the de Young museum in San Francisco, […]

Critical Dialogues: Heather Desaulniers and Katherine Hawthorne

What if, rather than writing a review, a critic sat down with a choreographer to have a two- way conversation about the work? that’s the experiment behind critical dialogues. For this fifth installment, dancer and choreographer Katharine Hawthorne met for coffee with critic Heather Desaulniers to talk about the November 21, 2014 performance of Clockwork, which […]

Dance Discourse Project #22

Dance Discourse Project 22:  animal, human, posthuman Mon, Mar 28, 2o16 7:30pm CounterPulse, 80 Turk St, SF FREE Taxonomies have boxed in humans (and in particular certain humans) as separate and above other lives. Posthumanism & decolonization are knocking “human” off the pedestal of privilege relative to all other life forms. How do we as […]

Y-Exchange Co-Presented by Kinetech Arts, ODC and Djerassi

Y-Exchange is a monthly series of presentations about performing arts, technology, science and how they intersect and inform one another. This event is open to the public and admission is free. This month, we are proud to present Kathy High & Vidhu Aggarwal! Kathy High (USA) is an interdisciplinary artist / educator who collaborates with scientists, and considers living systems, […]