In Tribute to Transformation

House/Full of BlackWomen has been built in episodes over a five-year period, sustaining a question posed by Ellen Sebastian Chang and Amara Tabor Smith

10 in 10 with Alyssa Mitchel

You are reading excerpts from Andréa Spearman’s recorded conversation with Alyssa Mitchel 10 in 10 theme music: Bright, upbeat pop music that you may hear in a teen-centered drama series. [Theme music plays, then fades out slightly to play in the background of the introduction] Andréa Spearman: Welcome to 10 in 10 with Andréa Spearman […]

BRIDGING THE GAPS: Challenges and Opportunities for US-China Cross-Cultural Exchange

WHEN I FIRST VISITED CHINA to perform in the Beijing Dance Festival in 2012, I arrived assuming that modern dance in China was a relatively new, underdeveloped phenomenon. I had no idea that modern dance had been developing in China for nearly 40 years, nor that the dance scene would be brimming with vitality and innovation. […]

Mary Sano and the Duncan Legacy

It is a typical Sunday afternoon at the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing. The sounds of Chopin, Gluck and Schubert provide the soundtrack as a light breeze caresses the drawn curtains, and the setting sun grants all the light necessary as dancers begin warming their bodies for today’s session. As I take in the […]

In Conversation: Afrofuturism with Raissa Simpson

Raissa Simpson is a socially conscious artist that holds community building at the core of her repertoire. Witnesses of her work have seen in-depth studies of topics ranging from Judgment in Milliseconds (2008), a dance about the misperceived perceptions of kinky hair to the Point Shipyard Project (2014) a brilliant work with youth of San […]

He Moved Swiftly…

“Do you dance for the dead or with the dead?” This is the choreographer’s and the conjurer’s dilemma. What we know from watching Amara Tabor-Smith is that the answer comes not from what combinations she has memorized but from what she has unlearned and unleashed. It would have been easy for Amara to recreate in […]

To Russia With Love: FACT/SF’s Trans-Siberian Tour

What do Annie Leibovitz, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and FACT/SF have in common? They’re all cultural ambassadors to Russia through the U.S. State Department’s American Seasons program, which promotes the sharing of arts and ideas between the two nations. San Francisco’s contemporary upstarts didn’t become the avatars of stateside dance overnight. Artistic director Charles Slender […]

TLAOLI: Gente del Maiz

Para Rodrigo Esteva — translation from Spanish by Mirah Moriarty included below. Mirah y yo creamos Dance Monks en el 2000 mientras vivíamos en Xalapa, México. Antes de esto habíamos pasado 7 años trabajando con Pearson Widrig Dance Theater que tenía entonces su sede la cuidad de Nueva York (1993-2000). Con esta compañía recorrimos parte de […]

THE LIVES OF A DANCE/DANCER: Keith Hennessy on his collaboration with Sara Shelton Mann

IN JANUARY, A REUNION took place at CounterPulse among eight former members of Contraband, the legendary radical dance troupe founded and directed by Sara Shelton Mann and active in San Francisco from 1985 to 1994. The occasion was a screening of rare Contraband performance clips, co-presented by FRESH Festival (and co-organized by me), after which those […]

What do you think is the: Value of Dance?

In Dance gathered responses from various members of our Bay Area community. Our question polled the opinion of dancers, choreographers, adminstrators, enthusiasts, and teachers. Whether it’s a personal connection to movement, an appreciation about a specific form, or global thoughts on the feild–what follows are candid, honest, and lively voices, sharing thoughtful answers to our […]