Bigger, Better, Faster, More: Audience Development Tools for the 21st Century

THERE’S A REVOLUTION BREWING in audience development, that amorphous and all-encompassing term that describes the tools we use to lure and keep patrons in our seats. A slew of new […]

Welcome, Sep 2010

Everything is set to launch another rich dance season and September marks the return of new productions, programs and renewed theaters that reflect our robust growing community. I’ve purposefully used […]

Sailing Away: Joanna Haigood Choreographs San Francisco History

Flooded with Gold Rush lucre and teeming with the adventurers who hunted for it, San Francisco in the 1850s was a rootin’-tootin’, quick-shootin’, prostitutin’ Wild West boomtown. Halloween in the […]

Finding Flamenco: A Journey Full of La Duende

I was introduced to flamenco by a blood-letting, like a tailored and sharply-cut red dress whipping out from the back of my head. I was introduced by a woman who […]

Constructive Grantwriting

How can you get the most out of working with a grantwriter? For the majority of those hiring a grantwriter, the goal is to find someone who can help secure […]

Grants for the Arts, On A Mission

When Theatre Flamenco, Hawaiian dance company Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, and Beach Blanket Babylon descend on City Hall October 7 for a festive installment of the Rotunda Dance […]

Welcome, Oct 2011

I’m curious, when we watch a performance, how many of our aspirations are imbedded in understanding a particular moment or work? Are we imprinting our own creativity on others’ work/dances? […]

Change and Age: Women Dancers in Midlife

A number of years ago, I was taking a course in adult development as a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. One day a lively discussion ensued as the professor and […]

Stretching Across the Urban Jungle: ONSITE Presents Katie Faulkner’s We Don’t Belong Here

On the heels of an ambitious four-choreographer collaboration with Kara Davis, Manuelito Biag, and Alex Ketley, Katie Faulkner is not only stretching herself as an artist, but is now literally […]

Synchronous Objects: What Else Might Dance Look Like?: An Interview with Professor Norah Zuniga-Shaw

Back in college, while in one of my countless rehearsals I remember thinking, “I wonder what areas of the stage we use the most?” Little did I know that this […]