Ms, Fs, and As, Oh My! Life After Graduate School, The Transition Awaiting

ON JUNE 13, 2010 I graduated from The Ohio State University with an M.F.A. in Dance. I moved to San Francisco on June 18. This transition has been an education […]

Fearless Grantwriting

EVERY ARTS ORGANIZATION will have to defend a seemingly indefensible situation to a potential funder at some point. Your first instinct might be to do everything you can to avoid […]

Repertoire Rights: The Legalities of Remounting Work

IN THE FILM THE LAST STATION, the Countess Sofia tries to drown herself after chancing upon the will of her husband, Leo Tolstoy. He has not left his prodigious body […]

Welcome, Oct 2010

I was recently confronted with the saying, “If you can spot it, you got it,” which I took as this: the faults I so easily point out in others are […]

Finding Flamenco: A Journey Full of La Duende

I was introduced to flamenco by a blood-letting, like a tailored and sharply-cut red dress whipping out from the back of my head. I was introduced by a woman who […]

Inside, From a Distance

Margy—one of Margaret Jenkins’ many monikers—always considered her dancers collaborators, and I had the good fortune to work with her from 1979 to 1990. Through the years, she gave us […]

In The Know: Gaining Confidence with Arts Advocacy

As I sat in the back of an almost-full Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Novellus Theater for the SF Mayoral Arts Forum this past August, I felt a palpable […]

Working in The Garage: Tools to Help Carve Out Space for Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance has a long history of being developed on the fringes of the cultural landscape. Choreographers have traditionally found space to make new work in basements, lofts, parking structures […]

Bay Area Dance Week

The 2023 festival (April 21-30) has wrapped and Dancers’ Group gives deeps thanks to the hundreds of artists that participated this year; opening their dance doors, and creative hearts, to […]

Dance Discourse Project #1

Bay Area Dance: Who Are We Now? Mary Armentrout spoke with Keith Hennessy, Jez Kuono`ono Lee, Laura Elaine Ellis, and paige starling sorvillo. In this first installment of a ongoing […]