Seventy-five and Wildly Alive: San Francisco Ballet Commissions Ten New Works

San Francisco Ballet artistic director Helgi Tomasson could have chosen to make the company’s 75th anniversary an exercise in self-glorification and nostalgia. Instead, he’s taking a gamble on the future. […]

The Noodle Factory is Dead, Long Live the Noodle Factory

Right now all you can see is beams and plywood walls, but by early 2008 the Oakland Noodle Factory should be a pipe dream made real. Imagine this: eleven live-work […]

For the Love of Dance; Dance Writers on Criticism, Nov 2007

Dancers’ Group asks seven Bay Area dance critics questions about their jobs and role of dance criticism.

Grace; Revisiting a Definition

An essay examining the historical evolution of grace as a concept and its application to integrated dance.

Under The Radar; Discovering our Sameness

A reflection on the questions around virtuosity and difference explored in Jess Curtis/Gravity’s “Under the Radar”.

You Can Go Home Again

A preview of an upcoming performance by Karole Armitage Gone! Dance Company presented by San Francisco Performances at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

When Dance Hits Music: Two choreographers and a string quartet creatively collide in “StringWreck”

“Charlie and I recognize that we might be inviting catastrophe in terms of trying new things with new people in new situations where there’s just very little known ground,” says […]

Dance In San Francisco; Observations and Attitudes

The following article was published in Movement Research Journal #31, Summer 2007, New York City. San Francisco, the left coast, the endpoint of western expansion and escape. Being a port […]

Dance Film Comes of Age

A look at the marriage of dance and film. Stephanie Linakis explores this artistic shift, who it interests, and which events in the upcoming year will highlight the use of this medium.

Lighting Artists in Dance

Announcing the 2019 Lighting Artists for Dance Grant Recipients In its 12th year, the Lighting Artists in Dance program provides lighting designers access to funds that will support artistic collaborations with […]