Bay Area Dance Week

    Dancers’ Group is in the process of bringing back and planning for a Bay Area Dance Week festival. Save the dates — April 21 – 30, 2023   About Bay Area Dance Week, an inclusive celebration of movement and dance, returns in 2023 after a three-year hiatus. Over its 22 year history the […]

Community Perspectives: Looking Back at 2012

We asked our readers to share memories of this past year: to think back to classes taken; performances attended, danced in or created; events that happened; even, trips taken. We heard from a wide range of practitioners and fans of dance that quite a bit of phenomenal work and events took place in 2012 that […]

A Virtual Concept: Taking a New Look at Technology and Networking in Artist Residencies

CounterPULSE wanted to try something new with Performing Diaspora to better support work from artists, document the process of production and to interact with audiences. We created a virtual artist residency, like none other we have seen before, thus expanding the organization’s breadth and depth online so that the artistic work, performances and discussions can […]

Earth Echoes Virtual Gallery Opening Reception

Cherie Hill IrieDance presents the Earth Echoes Virtual Gallery, an exhibition of local artists whose work speaks to the power of feminism, ecology, and community. Join the virtual opening reception to connect with the artists in a shared space for celebration and showcasing some of the new pieces. The gallery will feature a dance film […]

Y-Exchange Co-Presented by Kinetech Arts, ODC and Djerassi

Y-Exchange is a monthly series of presentations about performing arts, technology, science and how they intersect and inform one another. This event is open to the public and admission is free. This month, we are proud to present Kathy High & Vidhu Aggarwal! Kathy High (USA) is an interdisciplinary artist / educator who collaborates with scientists, and considers living systems, […]

Critical Dialogues: Heather Desaulniers and Katherine Hawthorne

What if, rather than writing a review, a critic sat down with a choreographer to have a two-way conversation about the work? that’s the experiment behind critical dialogues. For this fifth installment, dancer and choreographer Katharine Hawthorne met for coffee with critic Heather Desaulniers to talk about the November 21, 2014 performance of Clockwork, which […]

Queer Collisions: Personal Interrogations of Life and Performance

I think I’m queer, but I hesitate to think so. Here are some known facts about my queerness: How I might be queer 1. I’ve been curated into a queer performance marathon to be staged January 10 at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory—a place that’s self-described as San Francisco’s epicenter of queer and activist performance. 2. […]

tinypistol: slow dark dances

slow dark dances is a durational dance and film installation that seeks to uncolonize the “invisible” whiteness of museum spaces. Building on the legacies of black joy as a form of resistance, slow dark dances is an insurrection of quietude, rebellion as slow sway, and deep listening between black bodies as a reparative act. film […]

Welcome, May 2014

Well-placed words of encouragement brighten any day. The timing in which a teacher releases nuggets of wisdom and kindness has the ability to motivate and even alter a person’s life path. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have and to have had amazing teachers—inside and outside the dance studio—who, through their practiced principles, provided a multitude of opportunities for […]

Observations Away From Home: On Being in Rome

Over the years, I’ve visited glorious churches, stayed in the hill towns and travelled the Appian Way, but these weeks in Rome are perhaps the first I have ever spent alone. I don’t mean to say that I never work by myself or that I don’t sit quietly in my garden, but simply that I […]