Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

To help celebrate Dancers’ Group’s 30th anniversary this year, we have reached out to people to share a special remembrance. Throughout 2012 this publication will carry a few pieces per month, each telling a unique story of the impact our work has had on a variety of artists, educators, writers, and funders. These remembrances paint […]

ORGANIZED CHAOS: Lenora Lee’s Fire of Freedom Tackles PTSD

GROWING FROM A RESIDENCY on the tiny black box stage at The Garage in San Francisco to large-scale site-specific works that incorporate film, martial arts, text, and installation elements, Lenora Lee has created more ambitious works every year. In addition to dance and original music, Lee’s company, founded in 2007, strives to address themes such […]

the NETWORK project

the NETWORK project addresses human survival and what we truly need– from sustainable living practices to communal engagement and empathy, as we recognize and build our resilience. Considering climate change, and the many other crises we face, the project is inspired by systems of communication, resource-sharing, and survival employed by tree communities, as a lens […]


PLEASE TOUCH ME, IN IMAGINABLE AND UNIMAGINABLE WAYS. This is my wish when entering a new situation, publicly and privately, and it’s also a good mantra. Provocative? Of course, but that’s what makes life interesting, and what artists are charged to do: reframe the situation with risk, spicing it up with surprises, then, potentially, adding […]

Nava Dance Theatre announces Unrehearsed Artist Residency Program, 2022 Artist Cohort

The Unrehearsed (Virtual) Artist Residency Program supports the creation of dance work by artists who have faced challenges in South Asian dance industry. Created by Nava Dance Theatre and Tanu Sreedharan. 2022 Cohort: Bhumi B Patel, Cauveri Suresh, Charumathi Chandrasekar, Talin Subbaraya and Thilagavathi Palani Amith K, Anjali Mehta, Asha Rowland, Diya Naidu and Shamitha […]

Reflections: What a Difference a Dance Conference Can Make

Flying from Oakland to Chicago to attend the 16th annual conference of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), November 5, 2014, I recalled my maiden voyage to NDEO in 2001. Back then I was the only person from northern California in attendance—and one of only three from the entire state. I felt excited about what was […]


In 2021 I was hired as an artist in residence at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA), a San Francisco high school I graduated from in 2020.

It’s Hard To Say

This is the story of a dancing banana. Try saying it out loud: “Dancing banana.” On the first syllable of “dancing” and the second syllable of “banana” your mouth turns up into a smile.

Presidio Theatre Relaunch

Photo by Terry Lerant Renovation is a tough, arduous process. Making major changes always is. Setting goals, crafting plans and then finally breaking ground, with the ultimate purpose of building something new. Consider for a moment a structure under renovation. When you walk into such a space, what are your first thoughts and observations? Is […]

Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

Space to Make Mistakes 1994–I once locked a homeless man into the Dancers’ Group/Footwork 22nd Street space overnight. Well, it wasn’t just me. It was all three of us POTRZEBIE girls: myself, Lydia Bueschel and Katie Friedman. Somehow, in our last walk-through of the space, at 10pm? 11pm? midnight?, none of us found the guy, […]