Outer Space to Inner Space: Universal Themes, Very Different Styles

Amara Tabor-Smith/Deep Waters Dance Theater shares a bill with Cathie Caraker and Katarina Eriksson from March 5-7 at CounterPULSE. Upon first reading the descriptions and approaches taken by the artists, […]

Tax Tips For Dancers

Home in Office. If you book your gigs from home and/or rehearse there, you may take the portion of your apartment that is used exclusively and year round for that […]

My Hot Lobotomy; Review: October 23, 2008

In My Hot Lobotomy by David Szlasa and Sara Shelton Mann the audience knows within moments that dancer/choreographer Erin Mei-Ling Stuart is one adroit actress. She sits alone for long […]

Moving Arts is Moving Up: New Space in the East Bay

A drive through the industrial parks on Whitman Road in Concord looks, frankly, unpromising. But dance has a way of making a home in the unlikeliest of places, and out […]

Dancing in the Land of Edelweiss: My Adventures in Salzburg

Three months ago I was living the good life. I resided in an apartment in beautiful Oakland, California seven blocks from Lake Merritt with two cats, a boyfriend and another […]

An American in Düsseldorf: Shifts in Perspective: Experience at a European Dance Festival

This summer I was invited to join Dance/USA as part of the American delegation at the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, a biennial international dance festival and conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. I […]

The Year in Bay Area Dance, Dec 2008

As a way to close out another year ‘in dance,’ we take a look back at some of the memorable moments of 2008. We asked what you felt were the […]

A Journey Home with Mamady Keita: How Codification of Dance Changes the Form

In December 2007, I had the opportunity to travel with Mamady Keita to his native village of Balandougou in Guinea, West Africa. Mamady Keita is the most celebrated djembe player […]

What’s in a Name: The Legacy of Everybody’s Creative Art Center

The 1970s were a time in America when black people awakened to their African heritage and were taking on new names more fitting their history and characters. For dancer and […]

The Bay Area’s Summer Performances: Theatrical adventures for any taste

If you want to experience the real Bay Area dance scene in all its breadth, depth, variety, and just-get-up-and-move wildness, you may have to come in the summer. True, September […]