Tracing Roots: A Perspective on Indian Contemporary Dance

I came to the US from India in 2003 to attain my BA in Dance from San Jose State University.

Jazz: Digging Deeper

If I want to educate dancers about Jazz, I need to create the space for the Early Jazz experience to transpire within my classes.

Gravitating Towards Elders Through Somatic Education

Parenting of grandchildren is one of the many situations older adults face. It demands multiple skills and staying on top of their physical and mental health.

My Roots of Movement

Navigating a career in a Eurocentric, White-centralizing, contemporary dance world as a lesbian Latinx woman of mixed Indigenous blood never felt complicated until it started to.

Moving Across Cultures: Transmitting cultural knowledge through movement language

The effects of dance on the brain have been studied using Western dance forms like ballet, but not with less known forms like Persian/Iranian dance.

From Containment to Expansion: A Tenderloin Meditation

With From Containment to Expansion ABDProductions /Skywatchers Ensemble marks a decade of radical community-centered art making in the Tenderloin.

Beyond Aesthetics: Bachata, Politics, Praxis

Originating among the (predominantly Black) rural poor in the Dominican Republic in the latter half of the twentieth century, bachata music and the accompanying dance steps were stigmatized by the sociopolitical elite as vulgar, low-class forms of entertainment unsuitable for polite society.

slow, sticky, sustainable

I am ready for a different world. I am ready for a world where care leads practices of policy-making. I am ready for a world where we abolish not only systems of physical incarceration, but punitive and carceral thinking and culture as well.


I wrote my first dance review for the San Francisco Bay Guardian in the late 90s. I had been writing listings for a while and this was my big break—500 words on the Bay Area debut of Sonya Delwaide’s Compagnie de Danse L’Astragale at Laney College in Oakland. When I received the first edits from, […]

Bliss Dance Festival

Bliss Dance Company proudly presents our 3rd annual Bliss Dance Festival (BDF)! BDF celebrates women’s sexual empowerment by showcasing women choreographers through this virtual event. Choreographers will express what they feel or witness about women’s sexuality while responding to this year’s theme, “Her Wildest Fantasy.” Bliss Dance Festival is committed to social change and social […]