SPEAK: An Ever-larger Disappearing Act

I make site-specific dance installations, and am working on a big, breathy, dreamy, amorphous, maddening piece that will show up in the Bay Area this winter, wandering through four different spaces from December through February. Over the years I have always made work that was site-sensitive, even in proscenium spaces, and now find my work […]

Instead of Performing: Interpreting the Work of Tino Sehgal

I was alone lying on a cold concrete floor moving slowly and following my breath, not permitted to talk or stand up. My thoughts wandered to strange places: childhood, ancestors, World War II, Performativity, dreams from months earlier, the positions of my body. I was dancing Instead of Allowing Some Thing to Rise Up to […]

On Stage Vacaville: Markme On Stage – A Multidisciplinary Experience

A multidisciplinary experience for the senses, with a unique culinary experience led by Chef Erica Marie, a world-renowned cast of international flamenco artists, and a fully immersive interactive art installation on stage. The Royal School of Ballet’s Majesty Ballet Company will be opening the show as our special guests of this premiere, with a unique […]

Solo Form: Nora Chipaumire

I WAIT IN GREAT ANTICIPATION for Nora Chipaumire’s homecoming… her San Francisco Bay Area premiere of Miriam at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum February 13-15, 2014. To witness Nora perform is to see pure energy, heart and soul on stage. I look forward to experiencing what Nora has created because she is […]

Under The Radar; Discovering our Sameness

A reflection on the questions around virtuosity and difference explored in Jess Curtis/Gravity’s “Under the Radar”.

Accumulating Objects and Disappearing Dances: A new approach to curating SF’s Contemporary Jewish Museum

A new museum is an odd place, brimming with contradictions. On the one hand, a museum building, however post-modern, is infused with people’s expectations of quietly contemplating material culture. On the other hand, so much of contemporary art is noisy, dynamic, multi-media, and often task-oriented. In other words, the temple meets our kitchen table. One […]

In Practice: Ramon Ramos Alayo and John Santos

This year, the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival (SFEDF) takes place for the first time at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. It is also the first year that the festival will present the work of Cuban choreographer Ramón Ramos Alayo and the Alayo Dance Company. Festejos Caribeños, a collaboration between Alayo and renowned […]

Welcome, Jan/Feb 2014

THE PERENNIAL CRAVING for new beginnings—creative, practical, success or health-based—are abundantly present at the start of each new year. This universal desire to move forward comprises the imaginative impulses that artists compose daily. I’m already thankful for the marvelous productions that are soon to abound, and I look forward to all that lies ahead personally […]

Grace; Revisiting a Definition

An essay examining the historical evolution of grace as a concept and its application to integrated dance.

Building Rainbow Logic: Arm in Arm with Remy Charlip

Have you ever heard the term ‘polymath’? Recently I took an informal poll of twelve close friends and asked if they could define it. Some couldn’t. Some thought it must be connected to arithmetic or equations. Only a few were familiar with the word, correctly defining it as ‘someone who is skilled in many fields.’ In […]