10 Tips to Publicize Your Work

In a world where press, social media and electronic communications prevail and sometimes collide, there are more options than ever to promote or publicize who you are and what you do. Here are some tips to help you through the maze and stack the odds in your favor. 1. Press Release – Make your headline interesting, […]

13 Threads / Event Horizons

13 Threads is part of Event Horizons, a 24-site international collaboration of artists around the world.  The San Francisco contingent presents a live and film installation with a line-up of artists including Afia Thompson (Bayiya Movement), Amanda K. White, Angela Arteritano, Joe Landini, Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes, Raven Malouf-Renning, and Rebekah Enderle. Line-up is subject to change and includes […]

Dances Sung, Songs Moved: Fog Beast Serves it Up in The Big Reveal

I just want to infect you Crawl into your brain Sprout up out your head Into the sunlight that I need so bad It’s okay I’ll find my way Over your membrane, I’ll be gentle, you won’t even feel a thing When I sink my teeth Into the bloodlines that I need so bad I […]

Cid Pearlman Performance: (home)Body

Cid Pearlman Performance announces new immersive dance/poetry/video/installation, home(Body), which is now viewable at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, as part of the Rydell Fellows’ exhibition. (home)Body was created in collaboration with video artist Mara Milam, poet/dramaturge Denise Leto, four commissioned poets, nineteen movement artists, composer Jonathan Segel, and an amazing video crew. […]

From 500 Capp Street: Dancing with David Ireland

Editor’s Note: Performances at 500 Capp Street have been postponed until further notice. Updates will be posted here and on the DG Weekly e-bulletin once confirmed. Contact melissa@dancersgroup.org with any questions. THE HOUSE The faintly grey house perches on the corner of 20th and Capp Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. A man, an artist, a […]

Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Dance Ecosystem (excerpts)

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT of a longer paper and is the result of many consultations and conversations involving Dancers’ Group board members, staff, members, funders and other stakeholders. The authors are indebted to the many individuals who shared their candid and considered views on the state of the San Francisco Bay Area dance community. The ideas developed in this […]

SAFEhouse Arts presents RAW: Resident Artists Workshop

SAFEhouse Arts presents RAW: Resident Artists Workshop live performances and film screenings for in-person audiences. 7pm LIVE show – Aishwarya Chandrashekhar. 8pm LIVE show – Angelica Velez and Maggie Ogle, Sawako Gannon and Kitty Conlon, plus an installation by Maxine Flasher-Düzgüne. 9pm – In-house film screenings feature Jessica Fudim, Raven Malouf-Renning, Rebekah Enderle and Kat Flipse. […]

Fear Factor: Epifano, Jan 2007

Previews of Epiphany Productions’ production “Fears of Your Life,” a collaboration with Sonic Dance Theater, AXIS Dance Company, and Creativity Explored to be performed at YBCA in February 2007.

Building Digital Parallelity for the Performing Arts: In Conversation with Stephen Backer, Co-Founder & CEO of 2ndline.tv

 (left to right) Stephen Backer, Lucas Gonze, Jacob Ritvo / Photo Courtesy of 2ndline.tv Creativity permeates the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Its tech startup culture attracts smart, driven individuals and encourages risk-taking, experimentation and big ideas. And whether you are a tech-newbie, tech-savvy or even a bit of a tech-skeptic, this creative spirit is quite something to witness. Everyday, a range of […]

Flying Somewhere New: Introducing the Center for Dance and Aerial Arts, in Conversation with Joanna Haigood

My relationship with heights is not a good one. I’m no fan; we’ve never been friends; and I would even characterize our co-existence as mildly contentious. For me, the ground is good; a safe place that is steady, solid and dependable. Considering my fear of heights, you might think that even watching aerial dance would […]