Welcome, May 2014

Well-placed words of encouragement brighten any day. The timing in which a teacher releases nuggets of wisdom and kindness has the ability to motivate and even alter a person’s life path. […]

Welcome, Apr 2014

Encountering a creative voice that grasps me, makes for vibrancy. Words, sounds, images, and assuredly, movement crafted in the right manner, seduce me by their singular vision– voice. Their emphatic […]

Dance, Protest and Identities: A Book Review

Embodied Politics: Dance, Protest and Identities Stacey Prickett Published by Dance Books, 2013 IN THE LAST DECADES, we have begun to feel a seismic shift in western understanding of the […]

Critical Dialogues: Heather Desaulniers and Katherine Hawthorne

What if, rather than writing a review, a critic sat down with a choreographer to have a two-way conversation about the work? that’s the experiment behind critical dialogues. For this […]


Certain daily moments can be summed up with a few, carefully chosen words. As a child of television, mine are often titles of soap operas. The Guiding Light. As the […]

FACT/SF’s New Commissioning Program JuMP: Balancing Breadth and Depth

OFTEN WHEN THERE ISN’T an ideal opportunity at hand, you have to create one for yourself. In that vein, FACT/SF founder and Artistic Director Charles Slender has recently created a […]

ORGANIZED CHAOS: Lenora Lee’s Fire of Freedom Tackles PTSD

GROWING FROM A RESIDENCY on the tiny black box stage at The Garage in San Francisco to large-scale site-specific works that incorporate film, martial arts, text, and installation elements, Lenora […]


THE FIRST TIME I WORKED with the teens of YBCA’s Young Artists at Work program (YAAW), I watched them navigate Keith Hennessey’s Turbulence: A Dance About the Economy after discussing […]

Connecting at the Dancewoods Festival

This article originally appeared in Stance on Dance. As a dancer, my physical reality strongly influences who I am, how I move and think. Knowing this about myself, I make […]


THE RANGE AND QUALITY OF DANCE PERFORMANCES presented in the Bay Area continues to expand, and that’s the truly good news, but the challenge remains that all too frequently, many […]